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Bed Bugs

Humans and animals are a target for bed bugs.

A small, flat, reddish coloured insect and about 6mm in length.

They hide during the day in crevices in furniture, bed frames, skirting boards etc., and at night they emerge to feed. Unfortunately, what they feed on is human blood and will also attack pet animals.


  • Bites on the body
  • Little black dots on wallpaper and bedding (bed bug excrement) and cast skins which look like empty bed bugs.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common and are easily transferred from house to house in furniture, bedding or luggage.


We will inspect the house to locate the source of infestation - usually bedrooms and particularly if children or pets sleep in them.

We will carry out the most suitable treatment, usually spraying walls, furniture and skirting boards in affected rooms. Treatment time is variable.

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