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Common Wasp/German Wasp

(Vespula Vulgaris/Vespula Germanica)

Nests are found in soil banks, roof spaces, trees, bushes, cavity walls, compost heaps etc.

Colonies only survive one season in the UK. Nests made of chewed wood and saliva can grow very large.

Nests start in the spring by overwintered queen wasps and start smaller than a golf ball, gradually increacing size. At the height of the summer there can be many thousands of wasps in one nest.  They can be a nuisance if located near buildings and sensitive areas.  The sting can be painful and in some cases life threatening.


Control is by way of residual insecticide dusts, blown under pressure into the nest or entrance to the nest.

Activity should cease within 12-24 hours. Removal of the nest is not usually necessary as wasps will not return to an old nest. Treatment time is usually 15-30 minutes.

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